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By: Ken Brown
Published: 8/5/2022

Woohoo! I Scored a Kobo Promotion.

Woohoo! I Scored a Kobo Promotion.

The most exciting news this year is I scored a Kobo Promotion that is due to begin running on August 8th, 2022 for a week. Woohoo! This is a 40% off sale of the book on Kobo only. The book will be listed at its regular price of $4.99 and then will be discounted 40% on checkout. This promotion is what gets wide authors excited.

What is a Wide Author?
There are two types of authors. An author can be wide or exclusive to Amazon. An Amazon exclusive author has locked in all their sales to Amazon. They list their books on Kindle Unlimited (KDP) and are paid for page reads and readers can also buy their books. Wide authors are authors who have chosen not to be locked in to receiving ALL their revenue and sales from one book distributor, Amazon. They have chosen to sell their books on Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Direct to readers, Apple Books, Google Books and a myriad other possible distribution outlets.

Which is the best choice, wide or exclusive?
That's a choice you as an author have to make. There are six to seven figure authors selling books through either distribution method. If Amazon closes your account and you're exclusive to them, what will that do to your KDP exclusive author business? Do you have the time to set up accounts and upload books and blurbs to multiple retail outlets as a wide author?

Kobo Promotion
I've chosen to be a wide author. It makes sense to me from a "don't put all your eggs in one basket" viewpoint of life. Because of that choice I have the ability to apply for promotions from the different retail outlets such as Kobo. Once every couple of weeks, I evaluate the promotions they are offering and see if my books fall into the promotion requirements.

I've applied for five promotions since creating an account with Kobo and this is the first promotion they have selected one of my books. Kobo likes author books to be priced a little higher. Their philosophy is their readers want a real discount. My book, Zita's Revenge, is listed at $4.99, so a 40% discount takes it to $2.99.

How Much Did the Promotion Cost Me?
That's the beauty of the Kobo Promotions. There are NO out of pocket costs for some of their promotions. Zero dollars. For the promotion of my book, the cost comes after a sale is made. They will reduce my earnings by 10%, only if a sale is processed. So, for a book listed at $4.99, each book sale will net me about $1.79. In my opinion, that's a win.

Another exciting aspect of this promotion is that Kobo's promotion are international. My book will be presented to people from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and other English speaking countries. People who have never heard of me, seen my book cover, or read my book blurb will get their first introduction to my work. We'll see if I make any money. I'm excited about the possibilities.

I Entered Two more Book Funnel Promotions.
The first is titled, Sword and Sorcery, and the second is titled, Fantasy Book Sale. You can find some Kindle Unlimited book choices in the list, some audiobooks, discounted books, FREE eBooks and more. Take a gander and if you find a treasure let me know, I haven't read all the books on the list, yet.

Buy some terrific Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery books.

Limited time offer on terrific Fantasy books during this August Fantasy Book Sale.

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