Adgitize publishes novels, short stories, anthologies and flash fiction. We are a small press working with self-published authors and writers to help them publish their priceless treasures. We know how much work it takes to write a novel. The many hours on the first draft and then twice that when you make changes, edit, re-work, re-write, get feedback and then years later you're ready to publish.

Adgitize is an author platform to learn craft and for Indie author advertising of their novels. The craft of writing and publishing on the first glance looks easy. We all learned to write in grammar school. How hard can it be to write a book?

It's difficult, fueled by fear and self-doubt. We all can use help with our craft which gives us confidence to write more often and better quality. Within these web pages we will provide guidance, steps and suggestions on improving your writing, editing, marketing and publishing. It's not easy to go it alone, but we hope to help you reach your writing goals.

Check out our articles. They are designed for quick hits to inspire you to improve your craft and to grow your indie publishing business.

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