Helping Your Author Friends

By: Ken Brown
Published: 9/4/2021

"Recommend other authors to your readers. Give without expectation of receiving." Joanna Penn

Helping Author Friends - Recommend other authors to your readers. Give without expectation of receiving.

Are you so busy tooting your own horn, that you forget to help out other authors? I make it a point to recommend books, written by other authors, that I enjoy reading. I message my frineds and social media accounts. There are a lot of great writers and great novels available in the world today. Why not share when you find a great read.

That's one of the reasons I created the Great Reads section of my website. Let's help these authors get a little more exposure. I have a friend, author, Joan H Young, who has been writing for a number of years now. I met her online when I was running Adgitize as a blog advertising service. She helped me with some of the detail work needed for Adgitize and was a wonderful help running that business.

Joan H Young, Author and Adventurer
She was just beginning to write back then and had written her book, North Country Cache: Adventures on a National Scenic Trail in 2005. She expanded to mysteries and created a delightful character named Anastasia Raven. I liken her books to a Miss Marple mystery. Check out News from Dead Mule Swamp. In the last three years she expanded to writing books for younger readers in the six to twelve age range and she has at least twelve books out and even finished another book about her experiences walking the North Country Trail.

Every time she publishes a new novel, I make it a point to tell all my friends. Since then, I've met other writers who have become friends and I'm quick to give word of mouth advertising for those friends. Writing is a hard, lonely road at times. You work six months to two years in the trenches and then a month of excitement when you release the next new novel. The excitement fades away and the novel may not make the big splash you hope. It's nice to have a friend or two, that will lift you up, by sharing their novel with your friends.

Zombie Pirate Publishing
I've recently met two guys from Down Under, Australia, who have created some amazing anthology masterpieces. They run a press named, Zombie Pirate Publishing. They send out calls for writers to submit stories and find the best of the best. One of the guys, Sam M. Phillips, will be recognized one day as one of the best writers in the twentieth century. Yes, he's really that good. Check out his poetry on Big Confusing Words and here's a copy of his book of short stories, Infiniti and I.

If you're a writer of short stories, check out the Zombie Pirate Publishing Facebook group. They call for submissions of short stories three or four times a year and maybe they'll choose your story for their next anthology.

When you get a moment give a shoutout to your friends about authors you know personally and recommend your friends read their books.

What will you get out of it? I'm always ready and happy to cheer for the success of my friends, whether I get anything back or not. I hope you are, too.

Write Everyday,

Kenneth Brown Author

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Photo by Joan H Young, author and adventurer.