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Haskell - Orphan to King Eclipse of the Triple Moons Zita's Revenge

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Haskell Orphan to King

The eBook, Haskell - Orphan to King - Book 1, is available to you for FREE and is exclusive to the Adgitize Press Readers Group.

Haskell - Orphan to King - A Young Adult, Fantasy, Action-Adventure Novel by Kenneth Brown. Prequel to the Mountain King Series

FREE eBook - Haskell - Orphan to King

Haskell is orphaned at a young age. He finds himself on the streets as a petty thief, but dreams of becoming a king. Haskell is captured by Gadiel's thugs and must learn to work with them or die. He finds out a secret. He has the ability for magic, but Gadiel wants to control him.

Haskell notices Princess Noreen at the Goodwin Castle and vows to win her affection. He must become more than a common thief to attract the young princess. He must become a lord.

Spiritualist and fortune-teller, Forest River Blossom, reads Haskell's financial fortune. He did it for a lark, but she reveals a future he never expected.

Exciting, heart-pounding, young adult, action-adventure, fantasy book.

You can't get this book at your favorite retailer. The eBook, Haskell - Orphan to King - Book 1, is available to you for FREE and is exclusive to the Adgitize Press Readers Group.

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Kobo Promotion

By: Ken Brown
Published: 8/6/2022

Woohoo! I Scored a Kobo Promotion.

Woohoo! I Scored a Kobo Promotion.

The most exciting news this year is I scored a Kobo Promotion that is due to begin running on August 8th, 2022 for a week. Woohoo! This is a 40% off sale of the book on Kobo only. The book will be listed at its regular price of $4.99 and then will be discounted 40% on checkout. This promotion is what gets wide authors excited.

What is a Wide Author?
There are two types of authors. An author can be wide or exclusive to Amazon. An Amazon exclusive author has locked in all their sales to Amazon. They list their books on Kindle Unlimited (KDP) and are paid for page reads and readers can also buy their books. Wide authors are authors who have chosen not to be locked in to receiving ALL their revenue and sales from one book distributor, Amazon. They have chosen to sell their books on Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Direct to readers, Apple Books, Google Books and a myriad other possible distribution outlets.

Which is the best choice, wide or exclusive?

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Book Funnel Promo Results

By: Ken Brown
Published: 6/6/2022

Results of My First Book Funnel Promo

Marketing Your Novels When You Don't have a Large Marketing Budget using Book Funnel Sales Promos

In May, I ran my first sales promo with Book Funnel. See my article Book Funnel Sales Promos for more details about the promos. This article is to let you know what my results were and what you might expect if you decide to join a promo.

There were 88 books in the promotion, which is a lot, though some writers had more than one book displayed. Because my one single book was competing against so many other books marketed in this promotion . . .

My second book funnel sales promotion, Summer Reading Challenge, started June 5th, 2022. Check out the books offered in this promotion. Hey you might find something you like.
A 2022 Indie Fantasy Addict - Summer Reading Challenge.

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Book Funnel Sales Promos

By: Ken Brown
Published: 5/4/2022

Marketing Your Novels When You Don't have a Large Marketing Budget

Learning to Market My Novels

I listen to a lot of podcasts about writing, and I belong to several Facebook Writer's Groups. Through these services, I have heard of Indie publishers marketing their books through Book Funnel. Despite hearing this several times, I never acted on it to benefit my marketing efforts.

This week the spark of an idea exploded into a full fire and I jumped into utilizing Book Funnel Sales Promos. Have you ever heard of marketing through this service? I have seen a lot of talk on Facebook writing groups about indie authors doing newsletter swaps through Book Funnel, but I never realized there was this other service called Sales Promos.

What are Book Funnel Sales Promos?

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Using Text to Speech for Editing

By: Ken Brown
Published: 4/4/2022

Will Text to Speech Help You Edit Your Manuscript?

My Manuscript isn't Perfect - Yet

I continually look for ways to improve my editing. Editing is the writing task I enjoy least. The first book I wrote, I edited it using ProWritingAid (PWA). It was a good tool in 2018, but it is even more powerful and accurate in 2022. After the PWA edit, I gave the book to some beta readers, who told me that I had to make major changes to the manuscript. I had too many characters that didn't add any value in the manuscript. All the beta readers told me to re-write without those non-essential characters.

I followed their instructions and whacked those characters. Then I ran the manuscript through PWA again and decided I was done. I didn't think I had money to pay an editor at the time, and felt that PWA was just as good as an editor. I was wrong.

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Using Emotion in Your Writing

By: Ken Brown
Published: 2/4/2022

Do You Use Emotion as a Writer?

I love to watch College Football

Why? Because it makes my heart POUND. Yeah, I watch college football because it fills me with powerful emotions.

Maybe our ancestors would go out and try to take down a saber-tooth tiger, and that would be enough emotion for a week. But in our twenty-first century lives, we don't have that adrenaline rush like our fore-fathers. We watch TV and read books to fill up our emotional reservoir. Are you including emotion in your stories? Do your novels make your readers' hearts' pound?

When you watch a football game, you're probably already cheering for one team. If you like the five or six teams that always win, there may be a few blow out games during the season.

What if your team is the underdog?

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How to become a Great Writer

By: Ken Brown
Published: 9/24/2021

Finding a Way to Succeed as a Writer

It's late in the evening, when I should be writing, instead, I'm watching TV. More specifically, I'm watching America Ninja Warrior. An amazing name for a show that has neither ninjas or warriors. If you've never watched the show, it's based on six to ten obstacles that a participant must master to win or go on to the next round of the competition. I enjoy it, because no matter what you did last week, last year or how hard you train, when the starting gong sounds your chance for success hinges on what you're doing at the moment. Women compete right alongside and against men and perform just as well.

How does this have anything to do with writing? Relax, I'll make the connection momentarily. This last season of America Ninja Warrior, aired the summer of 2021, showed an amazing competition between veteran athletes and rookie participants still in High School. Did you read that right? Yes. Veteran athletes with five years or more experience in this competition competing against fifteen and sixteen-year-olds.

Can you imagine Tom Brady playing against athletes that competed at the high school level the previous season?

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