Book Funnel Promo Results

By: Ken Brown
Published: 6/6/2022

Results of My First Book Funnel Promo

Marketing Your Novels When You Don't have a Large Marketing Budget using Book Funnel Sales Promos

In May, I ran my first sales promo with Book Funnel. See my article Book Funnel Sales Promos for more details about the promos. This article is to let you know what my results were and what you might expect if you decide to join a promo.

There were 88 books in the promotion, which is a lot, though some writers had more than one book displayed. Because my one single book was competing against so many other books marketed in this promotion, I didn't have expectations that I would sell a lot of copies of my book, Eclipse of the Triple Moons. I won't lie to you, I had hopes that I would at least sell a couple of copies of my novel.

My mailing list is small, less than 100 people in the list, so I knew my list wasn't going to drive that much traffic to the promotion. That's why I joined the sales promo, with the hope that I could get more eyes on my novel. The person running the promo required each participant to drive no less than 10 people to the promotion page or they would remove your book after 10 days. That seemed fair to me. A way to eliminate free-loaders from the mix.

Here are the steps that I employed to drive traffic to the promotion.

  • Posted a link and the promotion banner (see above) on my personal Facebook page. Surely one of my friends reads fantasy books.
  • Created a blog article (see link above) about what I had learned about book funnel sales promos.
  • A couple of the Facebook Writing Groups I belong to allow self-promotion once a week or once a month. Talked about my blog article in those self-promotion days and drove traffic to my blog with the hopes that one or two would click into the link to see how it all works.
  • Ran a Facebook Ad for about a week with an image of the promotion and a little blurb about the types of books (fantasy) someone might find if they click the link.
  • Sent a link to my newsletter subscribers telling them about the promotion

88 Books Participating
My one book represented 1.1% of all books in the promotion.
Final number of Views of ALL BOOKS - 1921
Final number of Clicks into the promotion Page - 3594 clicks
Number of people I referred to the promotion Page - 66 clicks
Number of views I received on my book - 39 views -

Looking at my participation rate into the page, shows that my effort represented 1.8% of the people that clicked into the sales promo. Number of people that wanted more information about my book represents 2.0% of all the views recorded. I received 39 views (a view means the person clicked on my book image to view more information about the book). Theoretically, all 39 views could have come from the sales promo participants just checking the other books in the promotion. Not even looking to buy. Though, I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case. I know my FB ad drove 39 people into the promotion and I saw an uptick in views when I linked people from Facebook groups into my blog article.

Books Sold
The bottom line. Did I sell any books? The answer is no. I'm a wide author, so Kindle Unlimited readers looking to score another book to read would hesitate to spend money on my book when they have 87 other books that might be free KU books. I checked dashboard results for KOBO, Amazon, and Smashwords and found no sales on my book.

Analysis of results. I think I can run Facebook ads on just my own book driving all traffic to a single sales page for my book and make more sales. I only spent $15 on the Facebook ad, so the expenditure was minor. To be honest, I was disappointed in the results, but I have signed up for three more book funnel sales promotions. I don't think you can make a strong analysis on only one datapoint. I'm beginning to believe my book cover is more interesting to science fiction readers than fantasy readers and I may have to evaluate changing that cover in the future. (Though I love the cover.)

My second book funnel sales promotion, Summer Reading Challenge, started June 5th, 2022. Check out the books offered in this promotion. Hey you might find something you like.
A 2022 Indie Fantasy Addict - Summer Reading Challenge.

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