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Quest for the Crystal

By: Kenneth Brown
eBook Release Date : January 23, 2024
Paperback Release Date : March 2024

Book Four in the Mountain King Series

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Rescue of the Stone Warriors - A Young Adult, Fantasy, Action-Adventure Novel by Kenneth Brown. Book three in the Mountain King Series

In the realm of Velidred Castle, where shadows dance with secrets and destinies are woven in the tapestry of time, Zita stands accused of murder most foul.

The breath of life scarcely leaves Prince Krunal's lips before the accusing fingers point at her. With the weight of a kingdom's judgment bearing down, she flees the looming spires of Velidred Castle, pursued by relentless shadows of vengeance.

In the heart of the night, beneath the argent gaze of the Velidred Moon Goddess, Zita beseeches for salvation. Little does she know, her plea awakens not benevolence, but the insidious tendrils of the Corruption of Evil, binding her in chains of darkness.

Desperation and a flicker of hope ignite within Zita's heart, for the only key to her redemption lies hidden in the mythical depths of legend - the Crystal of Zaraboth, an artifact of unimaginable power. She rallies her earthly companions to her side, knowing that danger shall dog their every step. Together, they must seek the elusive seven-petal flower, the sole weapon against the guardians that shield the coveted crystal. Yet, relentless foes and unforeseen obstacles will test the limits of their courage.

Prepare for an enthralling odyssey, a voyage beyond the realms of imagination, where the destiny of a wronged soul intertwines with the fate of the kingdom. If you crave an epic saga of unfaltering courage, unbreakable bonds, and the relentless pursuit of the extraordinary, embark on this quest for the ages - the legendary Crystal of Zaraboth awaits.

Exciting, heart-pounding, young adult, action-adventure, fantasy book.

You can order the book directly from the author.
BUY - Quest for the Crystal - Direct from Author