Six Figure Author Journey

By: Ken Brown
Published: 9/19/2020

My journey as an authorpreneur

Thank you for visiting Adgitize, where I share my journey to becoming a six-figure author.

I will share what I learn from the people that make a living with their writing. Will my results be the same as theirs? Will I surpass their skills? We'll see where my talents lie. Will I be able to market my books? How many books do I have to write to make a living as an author? Can I make it writing in one genre, young adult fantasy, or will I have to write non-fiction? What happens to my young adult fantasy readers if I start a mystery series?

Authors that make six figures have a lot of books in their back list. How fast can they write a book? How does that compare to my writing speed? I have written a 120,000 word book in sixty days, but it takes me four months to edit it to the point I feel comfortable sharing it with my beta readers. Yet, the great six figure authors are publishing every thirty days, sixty days or at the least four times a year. Can I match that? What will I have to change?

I will do my best documenting my journey to six-figure author. I have no expectations of get rich quick. I anticipate the journey will take five years or more to reach my goal. It's difficult for many to maintain passion, desire and execution for that long.

Thank you for visiting this website and joining me on the journey. Good luck for your personal journey as a full time author.

Cheers. Remember to Write Everyday. Ken.

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