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Helping Your Author Friends

By: Ken Brown
Published: 9/4/2021

"Recommend other authors to your readers. Give without expectation of receiving." Joanna Penn

Are you so busy tooting your own horn, that you forget to help out other authors? I make it a point to recommend books, written by other authors, that I enjoy reading. I message my frineds and social media accounts. There are a lot of great writers and great novels available in the world today. Why not share when you find a great read.

That's one of the reasons I created the Great Reads section of my website. Let's help these authors get a little more exposure. I have a friend, author, Joan H Young,

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Winning with Consistency and Persistence

By: Ken Brown
Published: 8/10/2021

"Show up consistently and it will pay off."

Alyssa / Melissa from the Deliverability Defined podcast from ConvertKit
I was listening to a podcast the other day called Deliverability Defined. If you want to use newsletters for your marketing efforts, I recommend you add this podcast to your playlist. I'm not here today to sell you on this podcast, but something more important that was said in the podcast that will help you as a writer.

One of the women on the show was talking about two friends she had that each decided on a course of action as creatives. They both started at the same time and were in a similar creative space. One friend would post on a social network and send out emails randomly and irregularly, and the other creative was consistent and regular with her approach.

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How to Succeed as a Vella Writer

By: Ken Brown
Published: 7/30/2021

Do You have the Chops to Write a Serial?

Have you heard of Amazon's new service for authors, called Vella? Do you like to write short stories or serial stories? Vella may be the right marketplace for you.

Vella is a Amazon platform for authors that like or can write serial stories. What are serials? Stories of 600 to 5000 words that authors write each day, week or month depending on your ability to write fast. Can you write consistently week after week, coming up with a continuing plot with the same characters and world?

What does it take to be a serial author?

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