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Science Fiction

Raygun Retro

Power up your portal gun and set the dials for the golden age of science fiction as we step back in time and space to where the genre really took flight. Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, Vonnegut, Dick, Herbert, and Bradbury: these are some of the names which inspired a generation, creating visions of space travel, alien civilisations, advanced technology, and future worlds.
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Infinity and I

INFINITY AND I is a collection of seventy brand new science fiction stories from Sam M. Phillips, the co-founder of Zombie Pirate Publishing. Inside you’ll find surreal space journeys, bizarre aliens, futuristic technology, rogue AIs, and a girl who just wants to be loved.
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Elora finds herself fighting for her life against the Empire she once served, abandoning everything with only a handful of friends and an unlikely ally—the Emperor’s deadliest assassin. Will he prove himself true as her protector, a loyal servant of the Empire, or a romantic distraction?
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Colony One Mars

How can a colony on Mars survive when the greatest danger on the planet is humanity itself. *Currently under development in Hollywood as a potential new TV series!
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