Adgitize Great Reads - Fantasy.

The Ringed Giant

By: Edited by Adam Bennett and Sam M Phillips

The Ringed Giant - An anthology of eight science fantasy novelettes


Saturn: the Ringed Giant; God of Death and Time; a terrifying, mysterious planet looming over the solar system like a malignant star.

Enter the realm of this enigmatic entity in this massive collection of science fantasy novelettes. Scrap salvaging pirates clash in the void of space, reptilians drag unsuspecting victims underground for vile experiments, and a race around the solar system will determine the rulers of the galaxy. In a far future where the Roman Empire never fell, gladiators battle to the death for the pleasure of god and man in the shadow of Saturn’s rings, airships traverse the skies above an erupting Vesuvius, and three university students unlock the secret power of an ancient bloodline.

Science fiction meets mythology in these tales of adventure, betrayal, lust, and murder… and in the darkness of space and time, Saturn waits and watches.

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