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Placing Your Book on the Adgitize Great Reads Program

Are you interested in getting new traffic to your book? Maybe selling a book or two. FOR FREE?

As a published author since 2018, the hardest part of my writing career is getting readers to notice my books. I've spent money on Amazon, Facebook, Freebooksy, Bargain Booksy and Fussy Librarian with mixed results. I can sell books if my book is free, but it's more difficult if I want the reader to pay for the book. I'm always looking for new avenues to tell the world about my novels.

Now that I don't have a steady income stream, it's even more important that I find readers at the lowest cost possible. Do you have that problem, too? How would you like to advertise one of your books for FREE on the Adgitize website and to our newsletter list?

I originally built the Adgitize Great Reads program for my author friends. One of the greatest writers in 2022 is Sam M Phillips, and I was happy to add him to my Great Reads program. Then I thought, I should let others join in the fun. So I opened it up to others and found a need from the author community to find advertising thet met their budget.

I'll be honest, I won't always be able to run this advertising for authors program for free. My email list is growing and the email provider charges me based on the number of active subscribers I have on the list. At some point I'll have to start charging money for the service I provide.

What do you get for your FREE ad?

  • Your book cover is displayed on the Great Reads Home Page
  • Your book cover is displayed on the Great Reads Genre Page with a short summary statement.
  • Your book will be given its own page on the Adgitize web site that will look like this: Great Reads Sample Page
  • There will be links to your books to all the places your book sells : Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Apple Books, Google Books, etc.
  • Your book will be sent to our newsletter subscribers who subscribe to your book's genre
  • Your book will stay up on our website for a minimum of 7 days. We update the Great Reads' pages every Sunday Night
  • We allow a maximum of six books per genre. If there aren't six authors that want to advertise in your genre then your book stays on the Great Reads list.
  • You can only have one novel in the program at a time.
  • You can re-submit the same novel once a month. We don't want to fatigue our newsletter subscribers.

Sign up for the Adgitize Great Reads Program

If the price - Free - fits your budget then this is what you do next.

It's three easy steps.
  1. Click this link to let me know who you are. Sign Up Here. You will be placed on an email list that you can unsubscribe from at ANY time you want. You will ONLY receive emails from Adgitize and they will only concern this program or books of other people in this program and only in genres you are interested in.
  2. Once you sign up - then I will send you a link to a Google Form where you can fill out information about your novel. You'll tell me genre, title, image, description, when you want your ad to run and where it's available for sale.
  3. I'll be notified that step two is completed and then I will prepare the Adgitize Great Reads page with your book
  4. It will cost you nothing at this time.

How many books will I sell?

  • I can't guarantee that you will sell any books. Zero - Nada - None
  • My newsletter list is still rather small, but growing. I can't guarantee that my current newsletter subscribers will be interested in your books. But you get some exposure and who knows, maybe you'll sell a copy
  • Book choices are varied among people. Some buy only on cover. Some buy only on your description. And some will check out how many reviews your book has accumulated.
  • I guarantee that we will send your book ad to our newsletter, and I hope someone likes it enough to buy it.
  • Your book will stay up on our website for 7 days, and someone may see it as they peruse our pages. That may help them make the buying decision.

What's the Catch?

There is no catch. I've always tried to help author friends. I thought this might be interesting to try to help my friends and other authors sell their books. Maybe my idea will work, but if it doesn't, I've lost time. You have lost nothing. If I find there's an interest in this program and my newsletter list grows to a certain point, then I will charge enough to cover the cost of hosting the newsletter. It'll still be lower than advertising on Amazon, Facebook and other newsletter advertising programs.

I don't plan on having a big staff, just me helping other authors. I will respond to questions you may have in a timely fashion, but not immediately.

Sign up for the Adgitize Great Reads Program