Can a New Author Make Six Figures

By: Ken Brown
Published: 10/22/2020

How difficult is it for a newbie author to make a six-figure income?

Sometimes you hear stories of authors making six figures with their writing . How do they do it?

How difficult is it to make six figures with your writing? If you tell the newbie author or writer that it's possible are you giving them unrealistic expectations?

What does it really take?

Authors making that kind of money are actually good at ...

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You have to Start Somewhere

By: Ken Brown
Published: 9/29/2020

Starting at Zero as an Author Entrepreneur

You may be asking, where am I starting? That's a good question. I wrote my first book, Eclipse of the Triple Moons, in May 2018. At the time of this article I have sold 100 copies, sixty percent e-books and forty percent hardcover. Then I quit advertising and now I sell one or two a quarter, mostly to friends that heard I wrote a book and wanted a copy.

In late 2019, I started writing book 2 in the Mountain King Series, Zita's Revenge. I finished the first draft in early March 2020. Then I wrote book 3 in the Mountain King Series, Ring of Consequence, in April 2020. I worked for an entertainment company and when Covid 19 hit and the live theater, sports and concerts stopped happening the company furloughed many employees. I fell into the furlough category. Bad news, because I lost a great source of income, but good news ...

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Six Figure Author Journey

By: Ken Brown
Published: 9/19/2020

My journey as an author entrepreneur

Thank you for visiting Adgitize, where I share my journey to becoming a six-figure author.

I will share what I learn from the people that make a living with their writing. Will my results be the same as theirs? Will I surpass their skills? We'll see where my talents lie. Will I be able to market my books? How many books do I have to write to make a living as an author? Can I make it writing in one genre, young adult fantasy, or will I have to write non-fiction? What happens to my young adult fantasy readers if I start a mystery series?

Authors that make six figures have a lot of books in their back list. How fast can they write a book? How does that compare to my writing speed? I have written a 120,000 word book in sixty days, but it takes me four months to edit it to the point I feel comfortable sharing it with beta readers. Yet, the great six figure authors are publishing every thirty days, sixty . . .

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Author Profile : Kenneth Brown

By: Ken Brown
Published: 9/15/2020

Author Profile

Ken Brown is an author entrepreneur.

Over the years he has written short stories for his own enjoyment and started a couple of other books, but never had the fortitude to finish the books. Ken found himself distracted by work, family and other business ideas that he thought were more important than writing.

But one day an idea came to him about a boy who wants to rescue a girl and finds that going through a cave he is transported to another planet. A planet where magic is real and the dangers of wild animals, strange people and bizarre customs are just as real.

The book was inspired by a photograph Ken found on the Glacier National Park's website. A simple photograph of the photographer standing in a tunnel in winter in Glacier National Park, Montana. The image showed icicles hanging from the tunnel exit with large boulders hugging the wall behind. Looking at the boulders and rocks, Ken saw images of people, horses and a story developed of a boy searching out the Mountain King.

A dream started to turn this fanciful world into a book and it led three years later to Ken's first published novel Eclipse of the Triple Moons

Two years later Ken's life was turned upside down by Covid 19, as many lives were changed by the virus. From that experience, Ken turned to books and podcasts from authors who make a full time living from their writing. This encouraged him that his goal as a full time author was possible and now was the perfect time to put that goal into action. This website documents Ken's journey to full time author entrepreneur or if you like authorpreneur.

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